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Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Tis the first of May, 'tis the first of May...

...outdoor boating starts today! At least here in Seattle. Boat safely and soberly, and have fun! It looks like another beautiful day here, finally. Will be on the water myself, so keeping this short.

And for those who celebrate it, happy Beltaine!


  1. Also, beginning test of mechanical wrist watch today. Testing against Android phone GPS and Casio F28-W quartz digital watch. At beginning of excercise Casio is 11 seconds fast. Will wind mechanical watch twice daily per manufacturer's instructions.

  2. Preliminary results:

    Watch lost about 1 second an hour, but died about 10 hours after it was initially wound. Rewinding it started up immediately, so will reset later and try again with more frequent winding. Will also post a discussion of why all this matters once I'm in front of a real computer, later tonight.

  3. Happy Beltaine! Probably a bigger holiday in Seattle than Huntsville.

    I thought you were Jewish?

  4. @ Space--

    Not Jewish, but some of my family is.