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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Only ten more shopping days 'til the Pocky Clips!

The Bible guarantees it!

God hates rich people, so please donate all of your money to me, c/o Strait of Magellan Blog, effective midnight 23 May 2011. Gracias.


  1. It'll be fun to see what their excuse is on the 22nd when everybody's still here. Assuming they have an excuse and don't just off themselves like Heaven's Gate did.

  2. I've thought of that. I had a coworker who was a Heaven's Gater back when the whole Hale-Bopp thing happened. For months he kept talking about the spaceship that was hiding behind the comet, and how we'd "all be sorry". I suggested to him that maybe a civilization smart enough to travel across interstellar space would realize that hiding in the exact place that all of earth's astronomers would be looking wasn't the very best choice.

    He didn't kill himself, but after the others did, he just stopped talking to us.