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Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Electronic Charting Program (With Free Charts!)

Wednesday I posted a link to a pretty good freeware astronomy program. Today I'm posting links to a navigation charting program which is not only free and fully functional, but it's open-source, so it's constantly being improved upon. It's called OpenCPN, and unlike many of the free "demo" chart plotting programs available online, OpenCPN can be fully interfaced with GPS, AIS and anything else with NMEA outputs.
The link is here: OpenCPN

This combined with all of the fully updated and updatable NOAA Office of Coast Survey charts (raster and vector) available for free download directly from NOAA (NOAA/OCS), and it's going to be pretty difficult to justify plunking down $1200 on a new Nobeltech package that doesn't do the same job as well.

Much coolness.

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