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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Costa Concordia

I've been away from the computer for a bit, one of the perils of gainful maritime employment. The biggest maritime news this weekend is the grounding of the m/v Costa Concordia off Isola del Giglio.

The investigation is just beginning. I don't know what caused this disaster. And neither does anyone else, other than the master of the vessel and the mate and helmsman who were on watch. That includes the media, and that includes the spokespeople for the company, who seem pretty willing to throw their officers under the proverbial bus.

My best guess is that an over-reliance on electronics and an under-reliance on traditional navigation will ultimately be found to have played a significant role. But that is only a guess. When the various investigations have been completed and their findings published, I'll probably weigh in on that. But not before.

The photograph above and the chart immediately below are as much real information as I have at this point. I will try to find and download navigational charts of the area tomorrow and will post them here if I am successful. Beyond that, at this point, everything else is speculation.


  1. That's the best point of view I've seen so far about this accident.

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