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Monday, November 1, 2010

Freighter captain jailed for driving ship drunk. And, his charts weren't corrected and up to date.

VANCOUVER SUN, 31 October 2010

The captain of a South Korean freighter was sentenced to jail in Tacoma, Wash., last week for commanding his 590-foot vessel through U.S. waters in the Juan de Fuca Strait while drunk.
Capt. Seong Ug Sin was arrested this spring, when a U.S. Coast Guard inspection crew found him drunk at the helm of the 20,763-tonne freighter, the U.S. State Attorney’s Office said in a release. Coast guard inspectors tried to board the STX Daisy from a small inflatable boat during high swells in the early morning hours of April 14. Sin was reportedly not co-operative. Upon boarding, the inspectors found Sin to be without proper records or a usable chart of Puget Sound, his intended destination. They also smelled alcohol on his breath.

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