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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Strait of Magellan safely circumnavigates the sun

I'm working on the water tomorrow (Sunday) and so won't be able to post. But it's 2320 on the 15th now, so I'm actually jumping the gun by 40 minutes or so, in order to get to bed.

That said, Strait of Magellan is one year old today. Believe it or not.


  1. 1 year, really? You've done a lot in that amount of time. Out of curiosity, what are your stats after a year?

  2. It looks like SoM has an average of about 100 visitors a day, although this spiked to almost 400 visitors a day back in March when I was covering the Fukushima reactor accident. Most traffic was from the United States, followed by Canada, Europe and Japan. Australia, India, Russia and the Philippines were also well-represented.

    Looking at the posts which are being read, it seems like the readership is a pretty even split between the sailors, the astronomers and the rocket scientists.

    It does look like I've managed about one post per day, which was my original plan. Definitely slacked off a bit this summer due to working on the water, which will probably be true in the future as well.

  3. Been reading on google reader so not on the stats.

  4. @ Ken

    Interesting, I wonder how prevalent that is? It's interesting to see how people find the blog. I feel kind of bad for folks who show up here looking for navigation information about the actual Strait of Magellan. Didn't think about that when I named it. I should probably crib something out of the Sailing Directions and post it here for that purpose.