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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

End of a new era, continuation of a couple older ones

Wow. I go away from my computer for nine short days and they end the whole friggin' space shuttle program on me.

On the same day that the Atlantis landed for the very last time, I saw this on Alki Beach:

That's Blue Heron, carved and captained by Michael (didahalqid) Evans, my wife's Lushootseed teacher ( For the cheechakos, Lushootseed is the Coast Salish dialect which was spoken in the Puget Sound region before it was the Puget Sound region. Here are a couple more pics of the Alki landing of the Native Tribal Canoe Journey 2011:

Then on the same day I saw this:

Yes, that's a gaff-rigged sloop short-lining under sail. Incidentally northbound in the southbound traffic lanes. Sailing, fishing and less than 20 meters; that's what they call a "trifecta". No idea what running lights he'd show at night; based on the rest of his understanding of the Rules of the Road, I'm guessing the answer is something like "they make lights for these?" But awfully cool nonetheless.

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