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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Deep thoughts from a shallow mind

The Inside Passage runs northwest from the Northwest to Southeast, and southeast from Southeast to the Northwest.

I only flag this for the benefit of my navigation students, who often have great difficulty with the fact that the "Western Rivers" are all in the east.

I think I really need sleep.


  1. Sleep might help but perhaps draw comfort in the fact that it wasn't until my third renewal of my USCG Masters that I really understood what Western Rivers was all about.
    The other strange fact was that to fill-in as AB in the MSRC Responder vessels from the shore staff I had to take the exam for AB Unlimited while holding Masters Certificates from five Flag States with 40 years seatime. I could sail as Master but not AB !! USCG has Rules which are amazing - still if one wants those qualifications that's what one has to follow.
    Good Watch

  2. It's getting even weirder with the new STCW requirements coming down the pike. I may end up limiting myself to the Inside Passage just to stay out of that fray. What a mess.

  3. I really didn't understand this post, until a coworker from Juneau explained it to me. That is funny.