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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day

Okay, since the last post touched on politics, here's one more for Tax Day. And then I'll stop.

I am not an economist. I did not major or minor in economics in school. Economics isn't even especially interesting to me. I have absolutely no qualifications whatsoever to talk about economics.

Which is to say, I'm at least as qualified to develop a federal budget as most of our elected representatives and senators are.

So, on this belated tax day, here is my recommendation to balance the federal budget.

Discretionary Spending Cuts

Yes, eliminate such waste, fraud and abuse as can be reasonably agreed upon by both parties and both chambers.

Income Tax

Repeal the Bush-era tax cuts. All of them. For every tax bracket, including mine. Actually require all tax brackets to pay all of the taxes they owe, without loopholes and exemptions.

Corporate Taxes


Also, tax every US corporation $100,000 each year for every single job which is created and sustained outside of the United States.

In order to prevent "reflagging" of US corporations, increase tariffs on all imported goods to 25% of the total retail value of the goods.


Eliminate all corporate welfare for the petroleum industry.

Eliminate all corporate warfare for the petroleum industry. Immediately cease and desist from any military operation which in any way benefits the importation of petroleum products to the US.

Immediately stop all new drilling. And any old drilling which cannot reasonably prevent an oil spill. Remediation costs from the Deepwater Horizon accident will ultimately total in the trillions, if they actually happen to remediate it. I'm not holding my breath, just holding my nose.

Add 25% retail tax to all refined petroleum products in addition to the aforementioned tariffs on imported oil.

After all of that, gasoline still probably won't cost as much in the US as it does in the real world. But with any luck, Americans will take the hint anyway and stop using gasoline.

Cold War Spending

The Cold War ended 20 years ago. China won. Get over it. We no longer need to support a Cold War arsenal. Mutually Assured Destruction was a stupid idea anyway.


Alright, there's my budget proposal. Which has even less chance of being passed than any of the other budget proposals which will be debated.

And now back to things more interesting and less political which might actually make a positive difference in this world. Or some other.

Oh, and the "death" thing? No idea how to fix that one.


  1. You've got my vote. Any big plans for 2012? Besides the end of the Mayan Long Count?

  2. HAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha no.

    I wouldn't consider running for dog-catcher, let alone anything less honorable. For one, my wife would kill me. For two, um, remember George Clooney's thing about how he'd slept with too many women and done too many drugs to ever get elected? Yeah. I was never so much into the drugs...

  3. Of course not. I haven't even been to every port.

  4. Ouch that Mayan Long Count ends on my 75th. birthday; still if it does go down I have had a good innings (Brit speak!! sorry pops up on occasions). As to the various Parties and Personas in Congress agreeing on when to use the head, in case they miss a photo op, let alone TAXES good luck - never going to happen. Lets just elect The Donald for four years. I mean it cannot be worse than electing politicians - that has clearly not worked out too well. Be an interesting experiment and will scare the heck out of the world governments, also he will pay for his own campaign like that NY Mayor did - such a deal we should have. Happy Passover and Easter.
    Good Watch.

  5. Ah! well I have been to 150 countries and that's a lot of ports never did drugs or tobacco for that matter so one out of three is not too bad. However at my age memories tend to blur into one big happy run ashore - particularly the Far East. Well watch out for little old grey haired seafarers. Happy Days y'all!!
    Good Watch.

  6. Happy Passover and Happy Easter! Our household celebtates both. Time to hide the brightly colored crackers!

  7. Wow, nicely done Captain!

    And the brightly colored cracker comment was hilarious.

  8. Thanks, Craig. I wondered how many people would get that reference. Good times.