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Monday, March 14, 2011

TEPCO Fukushima status boards

Here are updated status boards of the TEPCO Fukushima reactors.
Sorry about the size of the graphic, but the shrunken version was unreadable.
More on this later, still researching.


  1. Three Mile Island was INES Level 5, wasn't it?

  2. Yes, TMI was an INES Level 5, Chernobyl was an INES Level 7. Kyshtym in 1957 was an INES Level 6. Right now Fukushima is being rated as a Level 4, but at this point it seems very likely to be upgraded to a Level 5 or Level 6. The other monkey-wrench is that in the cases of TMI, Kyshtym and even Chernobyl the problem was with a single reactor vessel. At Fukushima as of this morning they're juggling meltdowns or potential meltdowns of six separate reactor vessels. The INES numbering system never really planned on that one. Neither, apparently, did anyone else.