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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three day Low

Winds should be diminishing late this afternoon as the (now 990mb) low moves inland into British Columbia.

This storm has taken almost everything I thought I knew about extra-tropical lows and blown it out the window. This thing has been sitting off of Vancouver Island since Saturday, sitting and spinning like a buzz-saw. Lows aren't supposed to do that. High are supposed to be stationary, lows are supposed to move around the stationary highs. This is meteorology 101. Except that apparently this particular storm played hooky that day, or didn't crib some smarter storms notes or something, because it clearly didn't get the word.

If a bigger low, like a hurricane or typhoon, decided to make landfall and then just park itself for three days over a densely populated region, that would be a real problem. Hopefully the good folk at NOAA, Environment Canada and UW Meteorology are getting some good modeling data out of this storm.

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